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Feb 18, 2014 1:00pm PST
of 59 units of very low-income rental housing development serving families earning up to 50% of the area median income, plus one manager's unit, at block 49 in phase 1 of the hunters point shipyard; hunters point shipyard redevelopment project area. madam director. >> good afternoon, commissioners, good afternoon to the public. thank you for joining us. commissioners, as you recall in december 2012, you approved a sixth amendment to the phase 1 disposition development agreement that allowed for the aggregation of the master developer lennar's 50% area median income eunice. they are so-called developer inclusionary units to be aggregated on one site, block 49. since that time you have taken a number of steps to implement that. by approving the schematic design last summer and now before you are the legal documents, the transaction documents that would effectuate the development of block 49. so, with that, i'd like to ask anna, assistant project manager for hunters point shipyard to present this item. >> thank you, executive director. good afternoon, president johnson and commissioners. my
Feb 18, 2014 7:00pm EST
quote of the united states. >> last question.
Feb 9, 2014 8:00am PST
quote >> you're coming to us from brazil. you haven't been back to the united states since the first stories were published last summer but you've hinted you're going to come back this spring. i want to bring that up because there's been claims in recent gas dais from some government officials they might hold you accountable and might try to prosecute you in some way. let's play the exchange between the chairman of the house intelligence committee mike rogers and the fbi director from earlier this week. >> there have been discussions about selling of access to this material to both newspaper outlets and other places. mr. comey, to the best of your knowledge is fencing stolen material, that is a crime? >> yes, it is. >> and would be selling the access of classified material that is stolen from the united states government, would that be a crime? >> it would be. it's an issue that can be complicated if it involves a news gathering function, but in general fencing or selling stolen property is a crime. >> your blood must boil when you hear that.
Feb 14, 2014 8:00am PST
quote of the united states, and was superseding authority there with a responsibility to inform the public because as he said, he could see nobody else would do it. he saw the head of the nsa but also the director of the intelligence -- national intelligence who was quoted lied to congress, and what he is mostly revealed in particular is not that mr. oathper was violating his in the sense of trying to deceive congress, but that he knew that the false statements that they were not collecting data on millions of americans
Feb 4, 2014 8:00pm EST
quote ? >> yes, it is. >> and would selling the access of classified material stome stolen from the united states -- is that a crime? >> it would be. it can be complicated, but fencing or selling stolen property is a crime. >> if i am a news report for fill in the blank and i sell stolen material is that legal because i am a newspaper reporter? >> if you are hawking stolen jewelry it is as a crime. >> if i am hawking stolen
Feb 21, 2014 6:00am PST
market rather than trying to legalize them. requiring that the units be compliant with the building code, it insures that the tenants are living in the safe building conditions that have life safety system to protect them in cases of emergencies like fires. and the proposal also helps the owners make a long term investment in the affordable housing by doing a couple of things, one, reducing the planning and zoning obstacle to legalization, and we wave, open pace requirements in parking space requirements under the planning code. and in order for them to legalize, and two creating a screening process that allows the owners to initiate the process without fear of immediate enforcement action. and then, finally, three, allowing any notice of violation that is currently on the illegal unit, to be temporarily suspended if a good faith effort is made at legalization and then having that nov terminated if the unit is actually legalized within a year. so, for decades now we know that the unit haves been allowed to exist without a pathway to become legalized. and the supervisor believes that this
Feb 23, 2014 2:00am PST
there being incentive for the property owners that have received novs, on their inlaw units already. but what is the incentive for property owners that have inlaws but nobody knows about them? >> okay. >> so, your first question the january, 2013 date was established because we started the process at that time and so just about over a year ago, we convened all of the stake holders involved to come up with a policy solution to address this challenge and we did not want to incentivize to create new units because they heard about the process to later legalize them, we wanted the folks to go through the legal process. >> if an owner is going through a notice of violation and they must deal with legalizing or removing that unit from the housing stock, and our legislation definitely insensitivizes them to go the legalization route if they could bring the unit up to code and the unit that does not have a notice of violation, that does not mean that it may not later encounter an endivorcement enforcement and we have seen from the housing organizations that represent the tenants as well as hearing fro
Feb 21, 2014 10:30pm PST
be our worse nightmare. so when they built a few of the unit at phase one and the mayor went and saw them it so happened there was some days it rained and we found the windows leaking the air conditioners not knowledge i'm trying to tell you that in 2008, we had the worst economic spiraling and the john stuart company got a lot of money from san francisco and built inferior housing. the process is to promise people one and one housing and when it nears the time they schism for their credit history and a a lot of them don't have it. what is missing how are they catering to polynesians. so very this outreach we couldn't be favoring one large property management. they got feats one fine. phase 2 and 3 and 4 should be given to someone else. public housing is for the condos we don't need high density in the year 2014. town houses like the navy had i agree. thank you very much >> thank you. >> good afternoon. first, i wanted to ask mr. scott from the previous discussion when do this task force meet the mayor task force of housing i'd like to know if the meeting is open i want to see who's a p
Feb 19, 2014 11:00pm PST
those hazards and if the tenants occupying those units and the appropriate action should be taken, and i can ask, rosemary and others could clarify exactly what happens step by step, but we have incorporated like the language to address that concern. >> commissioner melgar in do you have a question? >> commissioner? >> dr. mccray? >> well, i just wanted to say, that it takes a tremendous amount of courage to put this on. and i really commend supervisor chui and his staff and so i, am active in my home owner's association. and there is a lot of factual misinformation about the legislation making the rounds, formally. and so, what i worry about, so just my, anecdotal information of what is happening in my neighborhood is that my neighborhood there is a market demographic in the last ten years with a lot of chinese families moving in that have in-laws unit and they are the cultural preference too and or that they live with us too however, i think that, i know that there are some folks that are having the differences in culture in terms of land use patterns and i am wondering what kin
Feb 19, 2014 10:30pm PST
and building codes to provide a process for granting legal status to existing dwelling units constructed without the required permits, and establishing a fee for administering the authorization program; amending the administrative code to provide that a dwelling unit that was subject to the rent ordinance before legalization will remain under the rent ordinance, and requiring the property owner to provide relocation assistance to displaced tenants >> my name is amy chan and i want to thank you for giving me the opportunity today to speak on the supervisor's in law housing legislation. and so supervisor chui entered it in november, with co-sponsor ship with wean tore allow the existing inlaw that were built without permits to apply for legal status, it was developed with the collaboration of a diverse group of tenants property owners and housing organization and city departments. and which, of course, includes the department of building inspection. and i know that rosmary is here to speak on the legislation. so basically the proposal creates a voluntary process, that allows a property own
Feb 9, 2014 8:00am PST
quote . but the second aspect is what he's talking about, that process has always in the united states been called journalism. you go to media outlets and you report what the public should know. what this is, is nothing less than an attempt to criminalize journalism like all petty tyrant tries to do when reporters and other journalists expose that which they want to hide. i don't think anybody should mistake what this is really about. >> yet every time we talk, every time you're on television, people on twitter call you a traitor. what is that like to hear traitor and hero from other people? >> yeah. you know, i think that it's always the case that if you are
Feb 2, 2014 11:00am EST
the tremendous creativity achievement as the anglo has jury of the united states because the wonderful stories of pioneering and fortitude infusion, which are very impressive. but we need to show they're just as good for which constitutes that his backside. i feel possibilities have it get an exhausted beard i just wanted to get people to see a little bit more of that history and displays the image of america is going to multiply to see aspects. feedback is quite timely the fact that it's been great in here about latinos in the united states on a daily basis. uni before the show were talking about how businesses are trying to attract a market place in the growing market in the market, bilingual market. it's an interesting title for the book to reappear. >> host: untried >> guest: i came across a jpeg to photograph the web, which said now hiring bilingual speakers. that is an icon of that time. present day gave me a tremendous favor. it was true hispanics had. the impression is true. because he's the bit about america's to the united states today, which is the very start perception you speak of
Feb 19, 2014 5:00pm PST
affordable units will be provided as inclusionary units throughout the market rate development. 70% of such units or 134 units at 80% ami and remaining 30% at 50% ami. together with the 218 units that will be provided by ocai we'll be talking about 410 affordable units on phase 1 of the shipyard. the sixth amendment to the phase 1dda modified affordable housing program allowing lennar to shift the 50% ami units to inclusionary to a stand alone project on block 49. this notification has the benefit that 50% ami units will be provided at once and faster than if they were included in the market rate project that will be constructed over time ~. it is important to note that agreements did not change the total number of affordable housing units in phase 1 or the nature of 80% ami units which continue to be delivered as inclusionary units within the market rate project. the sixth amendment simply changed how we provide 50% ami units. on the transaction side we treat block 49 as if it is agency stand alone housing project but with one very important distinction, mainly ocii doesn't put an
Feb 10, 2014 7:30pm EST
or not it wants to separate in the united kingdom. ridge prime minister david cameron delivered a speech recently urging scotland to stay in the u.k.. he also took a few questions from the audience. this is about a half an hour. [applause] >> thank you for that introduction and i want to thank glasgow for hosting this event. this is a fantastic forward-looking university and we are very grateful for your support today as we are to the lee valley the other part for hosting us in this magnificent space. less than two years ago this was a cauldron of excitement. a ripping around at 40 miles an hour. i was up there. i had a whole seat but believe me i only use the edge of it. three more golds, an incredible night. but for me the best thing about the olympics wasn't the winning. it was the red, the white in the blue. it was the summer that patriotism came out of the shadows and came into the sun. everyone cheering as one for team gt and its team gb i want to talk about today, our united kingdom. last year, the date for the scottish referendum was faced. the countdown was set and today we have just ove
Feb 2, 2014 9:00pm EST
to be helpful. do we need partnership with russia and if so, why? >> we certainly do need help. the united states and russia are the two remaining nuclear super powers and we cannot resolve a number of the world's major problem and we are seeing that with syria, iran, and terrorism and counter terrorism. russia isn't an easy partner for the united states and vice versa but we have to work together. we have seen this year why the relationship is sliding down hill but we will continue to work together. and those that say russia doesn't count anymore or isn't important are flat wrong. it has to be a partner even though as i say in my book it is a cranky partnership. >> you made clear there are two kinds of limit. first, structural limits because of different interests, traditions and circumstances. and then there is limits with russia and what are those? >> first on the structural limits i would emphasis we are still living in a cold war type warp and we focus very much on these, if you like, 20th centry issues. the kind of relationship we don't have that we would have to have are a better pa
Feb 21, 2014 6:30am PST
. >> it was ten and more and now it is how many units or more. >> it is all residential use and sensitive use and those are defined within the code. >> so if i am building a single family house. >> yes. >> but it is unlikely if you have any property within the blue zones that can afford it. >> that is the easy one to ventilate properly it is not that hard, it is only a multifamily home that will give you extra expense, as far as single family home it is part of the state code that you have to have fresh air source. >> yeah. >> and so the fresh air source, you know, if you lived in these, you would not want it to be the outdoor air. >> i have been at the meeting and we have not talked about whether that is considered change of use because it was unpermitted and i don't think that under planning it would be considered change of use since it had no use before. no permitted use. >> all right. >> but i think that it is worth making a declaration one way or the other. >> i don't think that it was intended and you could not ventilate the inlaw differently than the rest of the structure. >> there is
Feb 15, 2014 2:30pm PST
because of that fact. also the fact that it's providing 4, three bedroom units. decent amount where you can have a family with children. you have a little bit of space here. i think it's a good idea. on the issue of one speaker, i think those in the province of dbi. it would be necessary that as approvals are made that dbi would have to ensure that any kind of rainfall is diverted away from danieling -- damaging any of the properties. it's a pretty steep hill. neighborhood support from the castro eureka valley and makes total sense to me. i'm very much in support. i would move to approve at this point. >> was that a motion? >> that was a motion. yeah. >> i will second it. >vice-president cindy wu: commissioner sugaya? >>commissioner hisashi sugaya: your concerns are a little bit out of the planning commission and within the purview of the department of building inspection. so if you continue to have concerns, you will have to try to follow it through dbi process. these guys have to file a building permit and all that stuff. that is all public record. so if you want to do that, you sh
Feb 26, 2014 5:30am PST
complete examples of this genre of church he he in the united states. having with stood past 105 years, the windows are now unstable. the [speaker not understood], the glass is cracking and many of them are in jeopardy of complete destruction. a recent proposal estimated the cost of restoration at about $2 million. as i mentioned earlier, the church barely has enough funds at any given time for substantial operating expenses. it would be impossible for the church with limited resources to begin such an immense financial undertaking as repairing these hand painted stain glass windows. to restore the stain glass, the church needs a new and substantial source of funds. if the church were allowed to sell transferrable development rights, we anticipate over time we would have sufficient funds to complete the restoration of all of our windows. without those funds as a stained glass continues to crack and break, they will have to be replaced. if that occurs we will have no other option to put temporarily put plywood over the windows, [speaker not understood] clear glass. and if we can raise t
Feb 19, 2014 10:00am PST
she's worked hard and i want to thanks her. if we are going to build thirty thousand units of indoors the next 6 years i'm going to need friends like supervisor breed. we're going aggressive because people want to live in our wonderful city a lot of people 79 to stay in our city and we can only accommodate that if we are almost military eric about building and pitting together how does. i'm going looking forward to seeing those homes but i want to restate a commitment one it's evolved in conversations with supervisor breed and other supervisors our advocates in the city we've got to be graph about building protecting and middle-class housing so when we stated thirty thousand unit that sounds like a lot but it that r will reflect the highest number of housing we've built in the history of the city. we're willing to do that because that's what is the needed so it's a mixture of not only building housing but rehabilitating housing that's decaying in front of us so the fund the public-private investments that we create something like the story about this site the incentives we'll have for
Feb 19, 2014 4:30pm PST
call item 18. >> item 18 is a resolution urging the secretary of state and the united states department of homeland security to grant temporary protected status to the philippines in order to support the recovery effort in the aftermath of super typhoon haiyan. >> supervisor avalos. >> thank you, president chiu, and thank you for your co-sponsorship of this resolution as well as supervisor kim for your co-sponsorship as well. i brought this resolution forward because it is a critical issue that is before the filipino immigrants who are here in the united states. many of them are undocumented. it is actually in the capacity of the department of homeland security to grant temporary protective status to people who [speaker not understood] with other victims or communities impacted by disasters like in haiti as well as i believe syria, another place syrian residents, immigrants are a group of people gaining protective -- granted temporary protective status. the typhoon haiyan in the philippines was three months ago. we all knew the devastation was great. but it continues to this day. there
Feb 9, 2014 8:00am PST
quote and a traitor and engaging in treason and endangering the united states. it's really just a very similar pattern. i knew a long time ago when i went into journalism it wasn't the profession to go into if you want to be universally loved. if you do it the right way you're going to make a lot of powerful people and their loyalists unhappy and i'm perfectly okay with that. >> i hope to see you here in new
Feb 11, 2014 6:00am EST
that the laws be faithfully executed and commission all officers of the united states these are available. double-click away for you. it is exhausting in the detailing why the temporary appointment authority can be exercised. and for pre-existing conditions. the solicitor general rises to the challenge and defeats. he breaks out the yield's, the canaries and contemporary practices of the founding era. the briefs appendix with us -- list the names of judges who are in cross-section and recessed commissions have an band. counting military appointments the numbers go into the thousands. while i strongly support the solicitor general's position, i do have to come forward to say i strongly believe he made a mistake. the mistake was he should have made a preemptive argument. he knows that, right jacob sometimes it works out well. i argue they present a non- reviewable political question to the courts. some questions are committed by the constitution, by the text of the constitution to the exclusive discretion. could it be that the court has a wonderful opportunity to prove its conservative rest
Al Jazeera America
Feb 11, 2014 12:00pm EST
. more nations must step up and meet the responsibilities of leadership, and that's what the united states and france are doing together. >> translator: france and the united states stand side by side to make these values prevail. we stand together with the united states to address the threat of the proliferation of weapons of mass destruction and chemical weapons, together to solve the crises faced by the middle east, together to support africa's development, and together to fight global warming and climate change. >> del, here we are in the east room, and in just a few minute's time we expect to see these two presidents. they will have opening remarks, and then be taking questions from the french media con tin gebt and the american media contingent. we talk about the pomp and circumstance, but there are obviously very serious issues to be discussed. they have met in the oval office already. the top of the list has to be syria. the president on the brink of military action in syria with his allies. then the president saying he was going to congress. and some french officials were v
Feb 17, 2014 3:30pm PST
of meeting that are lead by mravp and building inspection and including our fire department our housing units all the different agencies and including the offices of sgblt & anothers it's not easy even if i head up this bureaucracy ask any ceo of any great place and you're asking me to do it here i've got to get in done internally i know it rings true inform supervisor breed. get on the same map and same promising program and same pass so planning and dbi i want to recognize angus for being the person in charge he is making sure that bill strong is working with us we take advantage of this goal and let's reorganize the tools within our sfog to work n in the same fashion. i have a responded positively by immediately suggesting short-range and admitted and long-range to do. today i've rewarded them by adapting they're short range recommendations i'll highlight one. is to say anything in the pipeline that has any affordable housing attached to it gets attention immediately. it's hard to do without the leadership the city agencies coming do i dough but we're phone number for two reasons one to re
Feb 14, 2014 8:00pm PST
conversion subdivision to convert a three-story over garage, six-unit building into residential condominiums within a rm-2 residential-mixed, moderate densityy zoning district and 40-x height and bulk district. this action constitutes the approval action for the project for the purposes of ceqa, pursuant to section 31.044hh of the san francisco >> item 6. sf 61234 is being proposed for continuance until february 27, 2014. i have no other items proposed for continue ance and no speaker cards. >> is there any additional public comment? seeing none, public comment is closed. >> commissioner borden? >> borden? >> i moovve continue on the dates on the calendar. >> second. >> commissioner antonini? >>commissioner michael j. antonini: any reason for the request? >> there was a noticing issue. >> okay. thank you. >> commissioners on that motion to continue all items as proposed commissioner antonini? hillis, moore, sugaya, wu, commission president fong. that motion passes unanimously 7-0 and places you under your consent calendar. all matters listed here on the consent calendar are considered to
Al Jazeera America
Feb 17, 2014 5:00pm EST
from united nations' mediator l akhda brahimi. >> i apologize to the syrian people who had hopes that were very high that something would happen here. i think the little that has happened has given them more hope, that this is the beginning of coming out of this horrible crisis now. i apologize to them, but on this go rounds we have not had anything happen very much. >> secretary kerry said that bashar al-assad would rather win this on the battlefield rather than coming to the negotiate table in good faith. citing it's assault of the syrian people with barrel bombs and starvation. >> assad himself is a magnate for terrorists. he is the principle magnet in the region for attracting terrorist fighters to the region. he has brought terror against his own people. >> it is the u.s. and russia who brought them to the negotiating table in the first place, but secretary kerry said the military support for the assad regime has enabled assad to double down, creating a a an enormous problem. syria pushed back stating it was a negative climate for the talks. the opposition blamed the regime.
Jan 31, 2014 5:30pm PST
feet. it is a family unit, he says and another one over 1800 square feet. this is in rm 3rd district in working class hill and doesn't have anything like this around. this is like he's trying to get the privilege as other people. there are probably not many bigger than 1800 square feet. they are mostly one bedrooms and studios. he says it's a hardship to build on a corner. this is a similar lot across the street. this one also, there is this open space. i hope you can see it. right out to the street and all the way back through all of those units to look out on an open space even into street. the courtyard itself although it's probably located in a good place, it doesn't really give much exposure if you are looking out over it. if you were in, you can see that the building which is 5 stories high with this narrow space down there the way it's arranged and no setback, it would be required except he got a bulk exception and if you are looking out of those windows, it's not looking at much but right across the street which is the walls. the courtyard itself, three parts are private ope
Feb 14, 2014 8:30pm PST
grocery. food and wine named us best shop in the united states. we have developed an extremely loyal customer base. we are one of the family owned independent businesses that makes san francisco so unique and special. we are proud to be at north beach merchant and enjoy being part of the community that will carry into russian hill. it will have a full service cheese counter along with especially items and food and wine of hanging meats, floor to ceiling shelves and we will be training a minimum of five full time jobs for local residents. my wife and i have lived for 5 years a half block away at 1950 hyde and it's always been my favorite block in the city. our interest is to make this special block a nice place to live and visit and being open during the day can provide a person a meal, a cheese plate or coffee in the afternoon. something that no restaurant in that area can provide. we are grateful to have the support of the russian hill community association. thank you for your time and consideration. >vice-president cindy wu: thank you. public comment? kathleen courtney? >> good aft
Feb 1, 2014 10:00pm EST
partnership with russia and russia is still, i mean the united states and russia are the two remaining the rear superpowers in between us we cannot really resolve a number of the worlds major problems if we don't work together. we are seeing that now in terms of syria, in terms of iran, in terms of even issues like terrorism and counterterrorism so russia is not always an easy partner for the united states just as the united states is not an easy partner for russia but we have to work together. we are fated to work together and we have seen that this year when there were plenty of reasons why the relationship deteriorated but in the end we are working together and we will continue to work together and those in the u.s. political class who say that russia doesn't count anymore and it's not important, they are flat wrong. it has to be a partner even though as i say in my book it's a -- partnership. >> host: in your book, you make clear that there are two kinds of deals. first what i would call structural deals because of different interests, because of different historical traditions, be
Feb 28, 2014 5:00pm EST
those lines, but perhaps more of a outline here of what the united states hopes and expects the ultimate outcome of this very tense situation to be. a very dicey situation. melissa. >> given the facts that it's going to be a simply a statement and obviously it's fluid situation, does that sort of limit the thinking that perhaps u.s. will actually be more involved in the situation? the president is approaching. >>> good afternoon, everybody. over the last several days, the united states has been responding to events as they unfold in ukraine. this crisis, we have been very clear about one fundamental principle, the people have to right to determine their own future. we have urged an end to the violence and encourage ukranians to pursue a course in which they stabilize their country and move to elections this spring. i also spoke several days ago with president putin and my administration has been in daily communication with russian officials and we have made clear they can be a part of an international community's effort to support the success of a united ukraine going forward, which is n
Feb 28, 2014 2:00pm PST
our viewers in the united states and around the world. we're following the growing crisis in ukraine where tensions are rapidly escalating and the president of the united states, president obama is about to walk into the white house briefing room to make a major statement. the ukrainian government is accusing russian black sea forces of trying to seize two airports in crimea and cutting off communications between the russian majority region and the rest of ukraine. russian troops also are set to have surrounded the state television facility, some are calling it, and i'm quoting it now, an armed invasion of the country. all of this coming just six days after the ukrainian president, viktor yanukovych, was driven from the capital following deadly demonstrations against this pro-moscow president. let's go to our senior white house correspondent jim askos sta. explain this for us. >> president obama was supposed to be out here 15 minutes ago so he's running late. he was expected to be at the democratic committee at this hour, wolf, laying out his midterm strategy for his party. instead h
Al Jazeera America
Feb 18, 2014 11:30am EST
of the second round of talks in geneva lasted just 27 minutes, and ended with an apology from united nations mediator, lakhdar brahimi. >> i'm very, very sorry and i apologize to the syrian people that their hopes which were very, very high, that something will happen here. i think that what has been -- the little that has been achieved, in homs, gave them even more hope that maybe, this is the beginning of the coming-out of this horrible crisis they are in. i apologize to them. but on these two rounds we haven't helped them very much. >> secretary of state kerry accused the syrian president of stone walling the passions talks, saying bashar al-assad would water win this on the battle field than come to the negotiating table in good faith. barrel bombs and starvation. >> assad says he wants to talk about terrorism. assad himself is a magnet for terrorism. he's the principal magnet of the region for attracting foreign fighters to syria. ftc moreover -- moreover, assad himself is gauging in state-sanctioned terror against his own people. >> it was the united states and russia that brought the
in the united states and fast-forward i finished high school and so on and so forth and i do work for the united nations now ambassador and also to go underground. and negotiate a lease with the staff and this is very difficult work and i am married and i'm expecting a child. and i've been very fortunate with my life and of course i will continue to write and so thank you for coming and thank you for the wonderful questions and i do hope that you read the book tomorrow and i will be very interested in the reactions and finer selves with these reduced characters. and i thank you to the store for having us and they are the ones that make this possibility and pass it on. and so we will continue to do it. so thank you again. [applause] [applause] >> well, let's keep it going. >> just a quick refresher on the wine rules. once you approach the wine you have your ticket in hand would to god that he purchased a copy in this ticket enables you to get online and you can meet our glorious leader and have whatever you want signed. >> booktv is on facebook. like us and get up-to-date on information and event
Feb 1, 2014 11:00pm PST
units of planning code section 140. this section requires at least one room facing a public street or open area that meets certain dimensions. the majority of the dwellings based on larkin street or clay street and meet the requirements. however the exposure of the interior units which does not meet the dimensional requirements of section 140. this section specifies that in open areas such as the courtyard must have minimum dimensions of 25 feet after the first two floors containing the dwellings units. the projects courtyard measure 15 feet at the westerly portion and approximately 220 width at the northerly portion. at this time, mr. sanchez will discuss the actual substance of the variance decision and the issues raised by the appeal. thank you. >> thank you, kevin. scott sanchez from the planning department. i will be brief in regards to how the granted variances have be met. they have been documented in the bullet decision letter itself. as kevin noted this is a project that did evolve over time and the application to deny this as a conditional use authorization. part of their
Feb 19, 2014 11:30pm PST
recommendation is for the smaller unit buildings. >> my pro-jaekt was 18 units and it was the corridor and i get it but it is noisy in there and these are the things that we are working through with the home owners. and you could open your window and we could turn it off or we could close it and you could figure out you know, so now that you are expanding the area and now that you are expanding the actual ten units down to everybody who builds in this area, and it is a big conversation, you know? and i do feel that the profession is in the midst of thinking it through and not all are up to speed on it and so we have seen the range and we see the people who are having the negative pressure at the same time that we are delivering the filtered air. we have people who have fans and went directly to the heat pump method where each have it pumped with the lines and it was filtered at the pump and did not require it to give up the space. >> do not interpret my comments as negative. >> and that is the goal here and so the commissioner? >> yeah, so i am looking at the map and see that it follows along 28
Feb 21, 2014 9:00pm PST
the units. >> i think in reality this commission will deal with this and it is a big component of the genesis of this task that the mayor there are real people living in those units being taken off the market and the loss of the units should be evaluated. it's not in the code but by all means deserve consideration that this commission will weigh in on >> that is important there was a lot of discussion on this. i way i want to think about it the default mechanism if the unit is illegal by the planning code we'll encourage them to remove it. the default mechanism is to try to legalize it >> the other issue is the - it's typically you're in an older building subject to rent control but if it's illegal will they still have the same attempt rights that exist in the building. when a landlord is going to empty a building the illegal ones have to leave because they don't have a standing. maybe the city attorney can answer that >> cascaded stacey from the city attorney's office. we probably want to discuss that and kitten back to you >> i know when people - the reason that people do
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